Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hi! I'm Rufus...

Allow me to introduce myself.... my name is Rufus. I showed up  the Spring of 2011 and after a brief but almost deadly encounter with Ingrid the outdoor dog, I was rescued by the kind lady who lives here.Interesting but true, my brother was delivered to another neighbor just up the street on the exact same night! I took a strong liking to the little girl who lives here and guess the feeling is mutual. She takes such good care of me....plenty of food, water and scratches behind the ears. Ha, she's even got me trained to walk around the yard on a leash, no less. All in the name of love I say! I am quite a different cat than that snob Sterling. I just don't operate on his methods...he's stand-off-ish and I am quite the opposite, very approachable and friendly. He's hefty and I'm a bit on the lean side....but don't let that fool you....I am a bundle of purring love!

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