Monday, May 14, 2012

3 teeth in 2 Days..

Hannah has lost an amazing 3 teeth in 2 days....her permanent teeth are very happy to spread out with the extra room! She is happy because now she can eat without worrying about swallowing teeth. She bravely pulled a loose one out during dinner and then since we are all trying to floss more, I casually suggested that I might help her floss. Well, the floss got stuck on another tooth that was wiggley! She pulled that one out easily after the floss loosened it. We resumed our flossing. THEN, the floss got stuck on another tooth and yanked it right out. It flew out of her mouth and landed on the floor...yikes! After the shock wore off, she was ok. She really thought she had lost too much blood, bless her heart! I reassured her that there was plenty left in her body...:) makes me glad I've already lost all my baby teeth!
2 of the 3(one got thrown away)

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