Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Artwork by Rachel Ann of Sterling and Peaches the hamster
     We had a birthday around here last Friday. A young man turned 19 years old. It seems to me that he should still be about 4 or 5. I am so blessed by son Matthew William! He has a tender heart for the Lord, acknowledged Jesus as his Lord and Savior when he was 4 years old and loves the Word of God.He has a heart to serve, both God and others. He is the one all of the neighbors call on when they need a hand! Lawn mowed---check, putting in new windows---check, sprinkler systems---check, general clean up--check! He takes pride in a job well done and he always goes the extra mile. He is a loyal big brother to his two younger sisters, a wonderful son, a great nephew and a terrific grandson. He has plans for the future and is working hard to get step at a time!He can play the piano, taught himself guitar and banjo and loves bluegrass music! I pray daily for a precious wife for him who will want to love and serve the Lord  beside him. I am so very thankful the Lord has blessed our family with Matthew! He brings laughter, joy and a smile wherever he goes...Happy Belated B-Day Son!
     It is hot here.... again. For some reason silly me keeps forgetting that we live in a desert basically. It seems that every year I forget that one small detail. So if y'all have any extra Fall, could ya share some with us out here in California? I know that all of us would appreciate it very much. Even though it is hot, we are trying to deal with it and still think Fall thoughts...pumpkin scones, homemade pumpkin lattes, hot tea before bed and dreaming of sweaters....All very hard to do when the thermometer reads 105*...yikes!