Monday, November 12, 2012

Buy a wreath and help a Gospel for Asia Missionary!

     As a family, we have been supporting the Gospel For Asia ministry. If you don't know what they are about you should check it out @  GFA  believes to help unsaved people know about Jesus requires missionaries who are from the region that they are ministering to...the culture, the customs, just makes more sense to send someone who knows the people and the language, one who has grown up in Asia and knows what it is like! So GFA has a bible school for those whom the Lord calls to minister. They are trained and sent out to spread the Gospel! Many times, the villages in which they are called to go are quite far and require much walking!
     My daughter Rachel is selling wreaths from Wreaths of Maine. They are beautiful, long-lasting  pine wreaths made of Balsam (the most fragrant). She is donating one-half of her proceeds to Gospel for Asia missionaries who are in need of bicycles to help them spread the Good News! Please join her in saving souls for Jesus Christ by buying a wreath or two :) from her. You can view all of the wreaths @ the website: Her seller ID # is 4923, which you will need if you are ordering. Wreaths may be purchased online directly, or you may call Wreaths of Maine @ 207-832-5385 or you may contact Rachel via her blog or myself if you'd like to pay by check or use your cc without going online :)  Thank you so very much and may God bless you!

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