Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!

Homegrown apple
     Although the calendar says that Autumn arrived on Saturday the 22 of September this year, Autumn does not officially start for me until I can go all day without turning on the a/c! And sometimes, Southern California is the last to get the memo that Fall has arrived bringing cooler temps and possibly the need for a sweater....Fall arrived yesterday here! There was definitely a nip in the morning air, the sun did not shine so aggressively as it showed its pretty little face at sunrise and I actually thought that I might put on a light jacket. It was lovely, let me tell ya! I left the windows OPEN all day and did not even touch the thermostat. Hannah stepped outside and declared, "The breeze feels cool!" We sat outside in the shade and did not sweat and I seriously praised God for a day that did not get hotter that 90*.
     Now I am ready to cook substantial dinners of beef stew or chili and bake anything pumpkin....Yeah for fall!

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