Saturday, September 13, 2014

MUST share this info regarding the healing of cancer but not only cancer! This readily available and very cheap substance can control many other diseases running rampant in our world today. Honestly, who DOESN'T have someone in their life that has cancer or has had cancer or WILL have cancer? Cancer knows no socioeconomic status, it can hit any of us, at any time across the board! So, can you guess what this substance is?
                                                             Vitamin C AKA Ascorbic Acid
   Yup, it is true! And we can thank Dr. Linus Pauling, the "father of Vitamin C" himself for all of the research and studies to prove this. In his book, Cancer and Vitamin C  A Discussion of the Nature, Causes, Prevention, and Treatment of Cancer, with Special Reference to the Value of Vitamin C,(which I was able to find at my local library),  Dr. Pauling along with Dr. Ewan Cameron, a surgeon involved in the treatment of cancer patients, explain in laymen's terms how Vitamin C can turn this whole cancer ridden world around!

     "Cancer is caused by agents and conditions that change the genetic material in the cells of our bodies. It is clearly sensible for us to strive to prevent these changes and thus to prevent cancer. High-energy radiation causes cancer; hence we should avoid being exposed to it- no unnecessary x-rays, no over-exposure to sunlight, no radioactive pollution from nuclear weapons tests or nuclear power plants. Many chemicals cause cancer; hence we should try to identify and ban them.  Moreover, as will be pointed out later, vitamin c is a general detoxifying agent and its proper use can help to protect us against carcinogenic chemicals, even those in tobacco smoke, although here the only sensible course is to stop smoking. Our normal tissues and organs fight the renegade malignancy; it is our duty to ourselves to help strengthen them in this fight, and there is evidence that vitamin c and other nutrients provide this strengthening influence." (p.17 of Cancer and Vitamin C
     Seems almost too good to be true but reading through this book has truly made me a believer that we are all deficient in vitamin c and this simple little vitamin can do so much to help our bodies maintain their defense in fighting off and attacking the many diseases that are plaguing so many people today! Drs. Pauling and Cameron go on to explain the nature of cancer, causes, common forms, various treatments available, controlling cancer, and spontaneous regression in cancer.  Then they go on to discuss vitamin c, the immune system and vitamin c and the utilization of vitamin c in cancer patients. The test trials are discussed and case histories are presented which I found to be very interesting! Last but not least, the prevention of cancer is discussed and in conclusion, the role of vitamin c in the treatment of cancer.
     Now, you may look at the publishing date of this book, which happens to be 1979, and think this is an outdated source but I think not! This book, compiled 35 years ago is right on! And when you look at the success rates and cure rates of our present treatments for cancer, I think we need to give these studies way more credit. I hope that doctors that are treating cancer today might stop and reflect for a moment and carefully examine the cases presented in this book and learn from them. The options available for cancer treatment today are basically the same as they were in the 1950's: cut, burn and poison. When does the healing take place? Where is the nurturing of our bodies, these delicate systems that God so wonderfully put together? When do we address the issue of boosting our immune system? There is a better way, there really is and we as intelligent and thinking people must step up, research these things for ourselves and present these ideas to the medical community. Otherwise we will be drug down the path(literally), our choices severely limited by the doctors that refuse to see the value of vitamin c and many other remedies that can help our bodies heal instead of harm!  As the old saying goes,  "There are none so blind as those who will not see,( or in this case "C" as in vitamin c!)

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